Friday, 29 June 2007

Ooops, I did it again

Um...the Boden autumn range may have come out a little bit earlier than I expected. And it may have been accompanied by a "buy before common sense kicks in and get 20% off!" offer. Which there is a slight possibility that I succumbed to. It's conceivable that the item I ordered was, erm, a pair of brown leather knee boots. Which - hypothetically, of course - might have cost ever so slightly more than The Boots of Debt.



Anonymous said...

hey , i like boden!! yey yey,
Wat u think of their new range?

greekDolly :) x

Boffcat said...

Erm, to my slight embarrassment, I actually sent them an email complaining about it! It doesn't seem as fun as their ranges usually are, and lots of the tops are a bit peculiarly shaped. My credit card probably breathed a sigh of relief...