Wednesday, 4 July 2007

Does it count as cheating if you do it in your sleep?

My subconscious seems to be rebelling against the budget, as last night I dreamt I was on a shopping spree in H & M (more perplexingly, I also dreamt that I was part of a group of woodlice mercenaries which enslaved a colony of ants, but maybe this isn't the place to go into that...). My conscious self has been a bit better behaved - all I've bought in the last few days has been toiletries (which don't count because they were purchased with my Advantage Card points - huzzah! After four years of saving I'd amassed enough for an extremely small travel miniature of shampoo. I feel Advantage Card points may be a bit long-term for my general budgeting needs) and dye. Dying clothes (and my hands, and the bath, and the stretch of floor between the bathroom door and the washing machine) is my latest obsession. The anticipation! The mounting excitement at seeing the garment transform before your eyes! The realisation that you've accidentally dyed your sexiest lingerie a particularly virulent shade of puce! It's got it all. I'm not convinced that anything involving large vats of chemicals which carry warning signs is a suitable activity for someone as accident-prone as me, but at least it's better than the time I decided to take up fencing.


Anonymous said...

I tried dyeing an old top I had. I liked it, just not the colour, but it came out all spotty. Have you had better luck with dyeing. If so can you share your secrets?

greekDolly :) x

Boffcat said...

Just out of interest, did you use machine dye or do it by hand? The things I've hand-dyed have come out perfectly (my 'technique' consists of dumping everything in a large bucket and stirring a lot), but the top I machine-dyed yesterday ended up horribly splodgy. No idea if spottiness is caused by invisible stains which pick up the dye differently, or if the dye itself is to blame - maybe it's difficult to get even results in a machine?