Wednesday, 19 September 2007

Hallo aus Berlin!

(Admittedly this isn't precisely the view from my bedroom window, not least because I don't as yet have a bedroom window)

Ta-daaa - I've moved to Berlin! (Bet you didn't see that one coming! I really should drop these things into conversation now and then.) Well, maybe "moved" isn't the quite right word, implying as it does possession of some sort of address. And possibly a vague plan for the future. But who needs plans or accommodation when a constant supply of freshly-baked Laugenbrezeln is to hand?

Tuesday, 11 September 2007

An inconvenient truth

My Somewhat Cowl, which I was working on five weeks or so ago (such is my dedication to keeping you all up to date with these things), came out huuuuuge. Behold!

I'm still not entirely sure why this is. Admittedly my tension did change a bit (all right, confession time: I actually somehow managed to misread the tension specified by the pattern, and therefore spurned my perfect original swatch in favour of one knit on needles two sizes larger. Luckily a God of Knitting was smiling on me, and my tension mysteriously got itself back on track after a couple of inches. What's more, after reading several Craftsters' tales of woe about baggy armholes, I stopped working sleeve increases long before called to do so by the pattern. Unfortunately, however, neither of these were enough to save the cowl from its fate of gigantism, and it's now been reduced to a few extremely badly wound balls of Alpaca Silk. My dreams of cowl-ownership are at an end).

In happier news, I'm currently knitting (though those two words imply a greater level of recent activity than is strictly accurate) a cardigan based on this, and anything major has yet to go wrong with it! Hooray! Somewhat surprising, really, given that "based" here means "I squinted at the photo a bit for inspiration". If it works out without any hic-coughs, all credit will go to Mike's calculator. Pictures will be forthcoming when it resembles something slightly more impressive than a wonky rectangle.

And finally, look what winged its way over from Australia!

Hmm, what do you suppose Amazon's views on hot-linking are?

I won this, if you can believe it (and granted, it is pretty hard to believe, given that I'm usually the kind of person who could buy every ticket for a raffle and still somehow manage not to win anything), in a birthday prize-draw over at Jorth's always-entertaining blog. Huzzah! Although not generally a chunky knits sort of person (ahh, hips, what a limiting effect you have on my fashion choices), I'm particularly taken with the Coco jacket (the picture doesn't do it justice, but, mysteriously, I can't find any other completed examples online. Is this indicative of the jacket's unpopularity, or only of my googling incompetence?), the Twiggy tunic and the Skating Sweater. Now to find a bulky yarn which comes in colours other than sickly pastels...(Though in fairness, I suppose it isn't the pastels themselves which are sickly, but rather me in them. I feel there isn't an awful lot I can do about this at my end, however.)