Wednesday, 24 October 2007

How to make chocolate mousse


dark chocolate
suspiciously white eggs
completely untried recipe
overweening confidence


1) invite guest round for chocolate mousse. If possible, choose someone you don't know very well, to increase the pressure on yourself.

2) eat all chocolate not required by the recipe. This step is very important, as it makes it impossible to have another go if your first attempt goes horribly wrong. (You could, of course, achieve the same effect by eating all the surplass eggs and sugar, but this might not be quite as palatable.)

3) make mousse following recipe. Be sure to utilise as many pans, bowls and utensils as possible to maximise kitchen-hit-by-bomb effect.

4) notice that resulting dessert bears no resemblance to mousse. Decide that solution is to whisk whole thing vigorously.

4) whisk. In doing so, turn two generous portions of mousse into approximately 50ml of chocolate sauce. Sample sauce. Find that it tastes good. Eat sauce.

5) realise that guest is due to arrive in two hours. E-mail boyfriend in panic.

6) no reply. Remember that boyfriend doesn't know how to make desserts anyway.

7) write pointless yet lengthy post on the subject in the vague hope that this will somehow solve the dessert crisis.


jorth said...

(8) Email boyfriend again, demanding that he stop on the way home to buy chocolate mousse. Decant store-bought mousse into own bowl, then serve with choc sauce.

(9) Congratulate self on fooling guest. Swear boyfriend to secrecy.

Boffcat said...

Damn, I should have E-mailed you instead!