Thursday, 22 November 2007

Knit 1, accidentally annihilate 1

Normally I consider moderation to be overrated (excess just has a better ring to it, somehow), but when it comes to my Christmas knitting I have to concede that my list may have been a teeny bit overambitious. So it's been subject to a merciless cull, which only two hats and a jumper have survived (but shhhh! The jumper's a secret; more on that later). I cast on for the first hat the other night, and knit for an inch or so before finally admitting to myself that my stitches had been twisted when I joined, and I was now knitting a geometrically interesting but unfortunately unwearable object. Second time round (terrible pun unintended) everything went much better. So well, in fact, that three hours or so in it was finished. It even fit! (No mean feat, as my family all have excessively large heads, the better, I presume, to accommodate our equally large egos.) It looked ridiculous, obviously, as I'm unable to wear a hat without looking like a clown/mugger, but it's intended for my brother who can carry these things off with a bit more panache. Anyhow, the hat was pretty much perfect. The only niggle was that I didn't really like the way my cable cast-on looked with the ribbing. "No problem!" thought I. "I'll simply undo the cast-on edge and bind off in the rib pattern! What could be simpler?"

Oh dear.

I don't know if you've ever tried unpicking a cable cast-on, but let me tell you, it takes forever. Two dire German soap operas and half an episode of Super Nanny, to be precise. And once I'd finally reached the last stitch, the wool got sort of...stuck. I tugged and it didn't budge. Never having been one to recognise a doomed strategy, I tugged harder. Nothing. Frustrated, I cut the wool and pulled at the new end. Still nothing. I made a second cut. And a third. And...well, to cut (oops, there goes another accidental pun) a long story short, I, erm, somehow ended up hacking the entire hat to pieces with a pair of scissors. It is now an ex-hat.

Still, all is not doom and gloom. As I was knitting (from this pattern, not that you really need one), I couldn't help thinking that an asymetrical rib might be a bit more interesting, and make the resulting hat look slightly less like something that had escaped from Grange Hill (an inherrent risk in anything knit in grey). So I suppose now I have the opportunity to try that out - as soon as I figure out a damned ribbed cast-on, that is. The other positive thing is that I've been given permission to knit at work! Hurrah! (As you may deduce from that, assignments are a bit thin on the ground at present.) Oh, and I should be able to collect my wool for the Secret Jumper tomorrow, so hopefully more on that next time...

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jorth said...

Bwahahah, you make me laugh, you silly hat destroying goose!

(I'm calling you a goose in an affectionate manner, by the way!)