Sunday, 9 December 2007

Guess who's been good this year?

Happy (belated) Nikolaus! (Note to self: next year polish shoes)

I've been a bit frazzled this week; time seems to be slipping away at an alarming rate. I have a sneaking suspicion that I'm not really cut out for the whole work-full-time-while-maintaining-semblance-of-a-life thing - sometimes I remind myself of the Nick Hornby character who muses, "life took up so much time, so how could one work and, say, take a bath on the same day? He suspected that one or two people he knew were making some pretty unsavoury short cuts".

But I'm guessing you really don't want to know about my new-and-improved speed-hair-washing technique, so instead I present my progress on the Secret Jumper: a sleeve!Well, two sleeves actually, but I'm sure your imaginations are up to picturing the other one. Apologies for the terrible lighting - as far as I can make out my entire room is illuminated by a single 2 watt bulb. (And the edges aren't really wonky, honest; they're just curling under a bit.) Progress has ground to a halt, though, as I've realised I don't know Mike's chest size. (Have I just lost all credibility as a girlfriend? I do know his collar size, his inside leg measurement, even the circumference of his head [62cm, just in case anyone ever wants to make him a hat or buy him a motorcycle helmet], but for some reason my knowledge of his chest measurement has never gone beyond the 'M's and 'L's on the tags of his t-shirts.) After extensive poking around on men's clothing sites I've come to the hesitant conclusion that it's probably about 40", but when miles of ribbing are involved I don't much like words like "probably", so I've cunningly enlisted one of his sisters to do some snooping for me. In the meantime there's not a lot I can do on the knitting front, other than marvel at the luminescent scrumptiousness of the wool:
Proof that I do indeed swatch! I even washed this one; how domestic goddess-y is that?

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