Tuesday, 11 December 2007

Just a quick post to share my sneaking suspicion that the Secret Jumper may be ever so slightly behind schedule. My boss's response to being told it was meant to be finished by Friday was, "oh...Is it for a baby?" Ah, if only! (Erm, if only the recipient were child-sized, I mean. Not if only I had a baby to knit for. Just clarifying.) Unfortunately all sorts of strangely pointless activities seem to be vying to eat into my remaining available knitting time - this evening I was frogmarched along to an exhibition opening (can you technically call ten pictures an exhibition?); tomorrow I'm getting up at the crack of dawn to go to a pre-work English lesson with a group of MPs (well you never know, I might learn something...I did catch myself putting a verb at the end of an English sentence the other day); and on Thursday my flatmate has decided that we need to go and look at dinosaur skeletons in a museum round the corner. Normally I'm all in favour of dinosaur skeletons, but inbetween making and decorating a fruitcake; panicking about not having thought of, let alone bought, a single solitary Christmas present; and knitting oodles and oodles of ribbing, admiring dinosaur skeletons has slipped down my "must do" list a bit.


Anonymous said...

Being the receiver of said jumper, I'm not sure I should be commenting here, but I thought I would say that the day I receive my jumper, now matter how long after Christmas that may be will be amazing, and will far surpass Christmas.

The Wooz x

NewNigella said...

For some reason, I have only just found your blog and love it. My best friend and I want to get into knitting, but am just wondering how on earth I will fit it into an already full day, packed full of teaching and cooking (rather like Nick Hornby's character!). The bath won't be the thing to go, though.
Much love,

Amy (AKA NewNigella)