Friday, 11 January 2008

Good job "better time management" wasn't one of my resolutions

Oops, that was a slightly looser interpretation of "another day or two" than I'd intended. Still, without further ado I present the last, ooh, month or so of my life, condensed into handy paragraph-sized format:

First up, I finished my work placement at the Bundestag, and did so without leaving any sort of political mess in my wake! Then it was moreorless (whoops, I keeps forgetting that's not a word) straight off to Vienna for a quick pre-Christmas break. (Average daytime temperature during our trip: -1°C. Percentage of waking hours spent in coffeehouses huddled over assorted steaming beverages: 90. Sightseeing? What sightseeing?) Beautiful city, supremely tacky Christmas markets, scrumptious coffee (apricot liqueur, where have you been all my life?), unpleasantly smoky restaurants, great hotel, curious preponderance of sushi bars. Oh, and Sachertorte is the most overrated thing since, erm...sliced bread. Next, back to Britain! Highlights included the North London derby and the revival of Nicholas Nickleby at the Gielgud; lowlights included the annual ordeal that is Family Christmas (a misleading name, suggesting as it does that a) it takes place at Christmas and b) is a convivial affair. Instead, Family Christmas is a strictly segregated post-festivities hangover, with the "children" [aged 19 to 32] relegated to the kitchen, allowed to integrate with the "adults" only when saying hellos and goodbyes. I have a feeling that one day I'm going to need extremely expensive psychoanalysis for this). But I digress! Christmas itself was lovely. And I have knitting-related bounty!
Meet Elefante, who I found peering out of my stocking on Christmas morning (yes, I still get a stocking. What can I say; I don't keep my inner 6 year-old on a very tight rein). My mother was up till 3am on Christmas Day finishing him (well, I had to get my time management skills from somewhere...), and thinks I'm decidedly peculiar for being so smitten with him.

Yes, I only know how to do one thing in Photoshop

Next up, wool! Well, cotton, technically (Egyptian, no less!), which my mother picked up for me in New York. I see a couple of pretty summer tops in my future...Possibly from this gorgeous book, which was my grandmother's present to me. (My grandma is about to turn 91, and has no idea that she's given me a book with the word "lingerie" in the title. I reciprocated by giving her a DVD player which neither of us has the least idea how to use.) Or possibly from Interweave Knits, because yup, I am now the proud holder of a subscription! A pretty good haul for one year, oder?

Back in the present I'm in Berlin again, dividing my time judiciously between Ravelry and Frasier reruns while waiting for my language course to start. Hopefully I'll have some knitting progress to show at the weekend, when I have a more man-sized model at my disposal.

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