Sunday, 6 January 2008

Happy ever-so-slightly-belated New Year!

Hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas (nope, I'm not going to start listing myriad religious and ethnic alternatives - hands up anyone reading this who actually celebrates Kwanzaa?*) and that no-one's fallen off the resolution bandwagon yet! (Having said that, my New Year's resolution is remaining firmly under wraps, the better to avoid public humiliation when I inevitably fail miserably to stick to it.)

The pictures above give some indication of what I've been up to over the past couple of weeks, but, lazy so-and-so that I am, it might be another day or two before the accompanying words materialise. Till then!

* (Digging myself out of my politically incorrect hole) not that I have anything against Kwanzaa, but I'm damned if I'm going to start saying "happy winter holidays" any time soon just to cover all the bases. Though that does remind me of a story I had as a child about a family of Jewish badgers whose daughter... hmm, on second thoughts maybe that's one for another day .

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