Thursday, 17 January 2008

What's wrong with this picture?

(Apart from the fact that I'm wearing pyjama bottoms at 11am on a Thursday.) Any guesses? How about if I told you that that's Mike's Secret Jumper I'm wearing? OK, the ribbed section's a bit big on me (I do have a waist somewhere in there, honest), and it does stretch out to more Mike-like proportions, but the top part fits me perfectly! If anything it's a bit snug around the armholes. Now, I have great faith in the miracle that is blocking (and am clinging desperately to the fact that my swatch grew when washed), but be honest with me - is there any chance that a me-sized sweater is going to blossom into a Mike-sized one? Should I keep the faith and plough on, or admit defeat and rip back? (Not that this should influence your decision, but in a fit of over complacency I may have already woven the ends in...)


The Wooz said...

carry on! I have faith in blocking too. Not being a knitter, is it possible to rip back after you have blocked it?

jorth said...

Be a devil, and carry on. Go on - I dares ya!