Friday, 15 February 2008

You mean posts are meant to have a point to them?

Look what I saw on my way home today - an Ampelmann car!The Ampelmann, in case you haven't come across him, was the traffic light man of the GDR and is today a cult icon and general pinup for Ostalgie. There are entire shops (well, OK, only a couple, but he's got concessions in department stores too!) given over to selling everything from Ampelmann ice cube trays to stem vases, gummi sweets and flip flops. You can even, should you so wish (and who wouldn't?), buy an Ampelmann flag for your tricycle. (This sort of reminds me of a comedian I once saw going through the merchandise sold by the German political parties. You can get CSU bikinis! Do you think Angela Merkel wears them on holiday?)

Slightly more conventionally, you can still find the Ampelmann on traffic lights in East Berlin, and he's begun making inroads into the West too. As you can see, the staid West German guy just can't compete with the jaunty slant of the Ampelmännchen's hat.

And if you patiently stuck with this in the forlorn hope that there might be knitting news burried somewhere at the end - um, sorry! But tomorrow's the start of a two-and-a-bit week holiday, and I'm determined to have something to show for it by time time I get back...

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