Friday, 7 March 2008

Finished objects come to those who wait a really, really long time

In a vaguely improbable turn of events, I finally finished Mike's Christmas jumper! As I have yet to get a semi-decent picture of it (for which I choose to blame basement flats rather than my own questionable camera skills), you'll have to make do with this for now. (I rather like that "for now"; it misleadingly implies that at some point I might actually get round to taking another one):

Anyone making haircut-related comments will be asked to leave the room

There are lots of things I'm disproportionately proud of, most of which you can't really see in the photos: the rolled hems, raglan seams and neckline ribbing, the stitches for which took an ice-age to pick up evenly because I sort of forgot that the front had many more stitches than the back. The only thing I'm a bit dubious about is how loose the blocked fabric is - can you see the white shirt glowing fetchingly through the jumper?

As for the boring technical-ly bit:

Pattern: Jesse's Flames from Stitch 'n Bitch Nation, size medium

Yarn: 12 balls of Lana Grossa Cool Wool Big (I have my suspicion that a work experience kid with English as a second language comes up with these names) in petrol

Needles: Lang 4.5mm circulars, 80cm long. Have I waxed annoyingly lyrical about these yet? They're by far and away the best circulars I've ever used: the cord's super flexible and the points (which are made of brass) are incredibly light and smooth. Plus they're all metallic-coloured and high-tech looking, which, um, I'm sure aids the knitting process somehow. Lang needles are actually made by Addi, so I suppose they are in fact Addi Turbos in European disguise.

Mods: knit the lower body in 4 x 3 rib in the round; omitted the flames; replaced the contrast colour around the top of the ribbing with a garter stitch band; worked turned hems along the bottom and the cuffs.

If you haven't used up all your incredulity for the day, I actually have something new on the needles! Well, when I say "on the needles" I mean "about to be pulled straight back off the needles in a fit of frustration", because apparently I can't reliably count above about 30. The slightly uncooperative project in question is the Aleita Shell from the Spring 2008 issue of Interweave Knits, which arrived while I was back. Also in the post (because Amazon really shouldn't store your card details so conveniently) were The Knitter's Book of Yarn (some interesting stuff, but not worthy of the hyperbole dished out over at, a couple of cookbooks and, um, Jane Asher's Cakes for Fun. This one was a total mistake, I swear! But you never know when you might need to whip up a cactus cake or an edible pot plant at a moment's notice.


Alana said...

Whilst a cactus cake sounds incredibly ace (and will be tried at some point!), I'm more inclined to comment on the poster behind Mike in the top photo - his and John's idea of 'flat decoration'? (incidentally, I found my 'Nigel is watching over you' photo again the other day, Keith and new flatmates were slightly bemused to say the least).

Boffcat said...

Ptth, much too subtle for them! Actually it's the rented-studio-flat-landlord's idea of interior d├ęcor - I was particularly taken with his "Attack of the 50 foot woman" poster.