Friday, 18 April 2008

Had we but world enough, and time, this slowness, Lady, were no crime *

But two centimetres in as many weeks is a bit feeble by anyone's standards.

Interestingly, Photoshop felt the need to correct the red eye in this picture

It's probably just as well I hadn't got round to picking up stitches for the front lace panel, though, because my needles got confiscated at the airport! At least they didn't have any knitting on them. And despite claiming not to speak any German (ptth! Who do the Swiss think they're kidding?) the security guy was actually quite nice, and parcelled the needles up for me to collect from the luggage belt. I suspect his wife may be a knitter.

* In future I promise to try and restrain myself from butchering classics for knitting purposes.

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Rosa said...

You're allowed to 'butcher' classics when they're as horrific as that one. I prefer your version!