Tuesday, 1 April 2008

The year that Spring forgot

I don't know, where's global warming when you need it?

But anyway, I digress (not that I'd said anything to digress from yet, I suppose) - I finally got round to the taking-blurry-pictures stage of the Unpronounceable Shell!

And because no blurry photo shoot is complete without dodgy mirror photos:

Can you make out Elefante in the background?

Slightly dodgier than intended close up of the bodice and ribbon detail

I loved knitting this - with the possible exception of the back bodice there was always enough going on to keep my toddler-like attention span engaged. Dull technical stuff ahoy!

Pattern: Aleita Shell from Interweave Knits Spring 2008; size 32 ½" (it's meant to be worn with a couple of inches of negative ease)

Yarn: 3 ½ skeins of Blue Sky Alpacas Alpaca Silk in blueberry. My excessive love for this yarn is vaguely inappropriate and would no doubt be better expended on family members or something. But it feels luxuriously scrumptious! And it doesn't shed! And I have another 3 ½ skeins left! I originally bought it for my doomed Somewhat Cowl (ahh, my salad days, when I hadn't quite made the connection between swatching and things not turning out eleventy-seven sizes too big), so I feel all virtuous to be finally using some of it up.

Needles: You're actually meant to knit the bodice back and forth on matching circular needles, but - not possessing two 3.75mm circs, and being much too cheap to buy another pair - I worked the mostly knit rows with 3.75s (Boyle 29", if anyone actually cares) and the mostly purl rows on 3.5s (Lang 24"), my logic being that my purl stitches were probably a bit looser anyway.

Mods: Just two (are you impressed at my restraint?): I worked an extra waist decrease (and corresponding increase, obviously), and added the underbust eyelet row.

Anyway, hooray! As I'm sure all professional knittery types say when completing a project.

As for what's next, I decided to interpret your deafening silence as votes for the Surplice Bodice Camisole, which I cast on for a couple of weeks ago. My enthusiasm for it's sort of petered out though - after the lusciousness of the alpaca silk the cotton's a bit harsh and utilitarian to work with, not to mention tiring. Plus I keep casting a wary eye at the enormous "finishing" section of the pattern, which I swear is longer than the actual pattern itself. Hey ho; if I stumble across some surplus motivation lying around somewhere then I might have something to show next time. (Hint to the Weather Gods: there's a mysterious correlation between sunshine and motivation levels.)


Alana said...

Oooh!! it's so nice! shiiiiny!! and it's sunny here too, hoorah! (am ignoring the prediction for 'hail storms' on Sunday, based upon the fact that the BBC gets the weather wrong most of the time anyway. I shall now have to get my greeeeen top (that being the official title) finished so I can show it off too. Hoorah!

jorth said...

That looks fabulous! Job well done.

twig said...

Really like the added ribbon on your Aleita.

merp said...

That is so cute! I love the color and the ribbon and the fit and I'll have to make one myself!

Anushka said...

it's so pretty!