Thursday, 22 May 2008

Wait, you mean a blog is for writing things in?

Ah, my poor, neglected blog. You know I love you really, don't you? And I've been knitting, cross my heart! It's just that I'm far too lazy to take photographic evidence, and let's be honest - who's going to read page after page of my rambling without the odd pretty picture to distract them? (Well, "pretty" is highly doubtful, given my ineptitude behind the lens, but you get the point.) At the moment, for instance, I've just finished a huuuuuuge swatch for the Drawstring Chemise (I don't really have the patience to swatch, wash, measure and reswatch, so I've taken to combining swatches on different sized needles into a single Monster Swatch, thus getting it over all in one go). I didn't take a picture of it though because, well, it's a swatch. A stocking stitch rectangle. I bet David Bailey never takes photos of stocking stitch rectangles.

I'm also working on a mini Secret Project, and photographing it would sort of undermine the secrecy. The only thing I can think of to show you is my new yarn, which is goorrgeous! This is the stuff I ordered in for the chemise, Lang Fiorina in a scrumptious but sadly discontinued shade of blue. I spent an embarrassing amount of time dithering between the blue and a green, and eventually went for the former because I had a vague childhood recollection of my dad saying I looked good in blue. Though can the fashion advice of a man who wears convex-soled orthopaedic sandals really be trusted?

Nope, I still haven't befriended the macro button on my camera

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Alana said...

Oooooooh. Pretty. I want to make the circular shrug in my Ravelry queue in that colour (Yes, I have far too much free time on my hands to contemplate such things, although this may be because I have a habit of spending more time thinking about knitting stuff than actually getting on with it). It is a really nice blue though, I'm sure it'll suit you! (and please put a picture of your knitting up! stocking-stitch rectangles make my day, as do finished surplice bodice camisoles!) 8oD