Thursday, 15 May 2008

Foiled Again!

The cotton for my Drawstring Chemise now isn't expected in till Monday, which presumably is because God really, really wants me to cast on for the Union Square Market Pullover in the meantime. (Well, He's into creating things, isn't He? And I'm sure He had this very jumper in mind when He created Alpacas.) I bought the yarn for this a while ago but had been putting off starting it because of the weather; it's been so gorgeously sunny that the last thing you want on your lap is a pile of fuzzy warmth. But then yesterday I had my eureka moment - evening knitting! OK, it's not exactly on par with discovering Archimedes' Principle, but this is as close to a eureka moment as I'm ever going to get so humour me. Anyway, feeling highly pleased with myself I started swatching, only to find that I was going to need to go up a size to 3.25mm needles. Which might not sound like a big deal, but (as I found out today) you can't actually get 3.25mm needles in Germany. Bah! What's the point of having a swizzy metric system if you only use half of it? (Any smart Alec pointing out that Britain doesn't exactly make full use of the metric system will be sternly told to stop being such a clever clogs.)

So I've hit a bit of a stumbling block. I can order the needles online, but I have a vague feeling that we might be in the middle of a postal strike (note to self: pay attention the next time someone mentions the word "Streik" instead of letting eyes glaze over). And even if they did arrive OK, it wouldn't be before the yarn for the Chemise, thus rendering the whole "in the meantime" idea sort of redundant. Maybe God's having second thoughts about the jumper after all.

On the bright side, guess what - the Surplice Bodice Camisole, which I finally got round to blocking, actually fits! It could do with being a liiiiiiittle bit longer in the bust, but I've hung it up to promote downwards-stretching so hopefully that'll do the trick. I have no idea what it looks like on me because, as I've only just realised, I don't have a mirror! There's a crappy little headshot-only one in the bathroom, but other than that, zilch. This raises the alarming prospect that I might accidentally go out without wearing a crucial item of clothing, like, say, trousers. Anyway, I'd rather not inflict my self-timer efforts on you, so anyone with Camisole-curiosity will have to wait till my occasionally-resident photographer returns.

I wouldn't want you to go entirely without pictures, though, so: do you remember the Christmassy Ampelmann car? Well, look what I spotted not too long ago:

Yup, there's a Summer version! Wouldn't it be cool if the actual red and green men on traffic lights carried little surfboards? (I suppose it would send out a bit of a confusing message though; people might think you could surf across the roads. Not most people, obviously. But I did once absent-mindedly try to control a traffic light using my house keys, so what I'd do if faced with a surfing green man is anyone's guess.)


Laura @ Hungry and Frozen said...

I remember those little men on the traffic crossing lights! It would indeed be awesome if they carried surfboards in summer. I am so in awe of anyone who can knit (I have two left hands!) Good luck finding your needles :)

Boffcat said...

Thanks - and I can personally attest that it is indeed possible to knit with two left hands!