Sunday, 25 May 2008

How long do you think it'll be before someone notices that this blog has no actual knitting content?

Hurrah - my knitting supplies have a new home! Or maybe just "have a home" would be more accurate, seeing as they never actually had an old one (I'm guessing a messy pile dumped unceremoniously on an overflowing desk tidy doesn't really count as a home).

I think it's meant to be a wash bag, hence all the handy pockets which are conveniently knitting-equipment sized. (Incidentally, what are those side pockets in wash bags actually meant to be for? I mean, they're flat. How many flat toiletries do you own?) I tried to take a picture of the interior for your oggling pleasure, but seeing as it's lined in something shiny and pink the photo came out looking disturbingly gynaecological. The outside, though, is a lovely sturdy cotton, and from a distance (admittedly not much of a distance, given my chronic short-sightedness) it looks like the vibrantly coloured leather bags you get in the Middle East. And - because I shallowly reduce everything to mercenary considerations - it only cost 4,90 €! This sounds much better if I persist in my steadfast denial of the current exchange rate.

As for the weekly attempt to scrape the barrel for knitting news, my Drawstring Chemise has been pulled off the needles within 12 hours of being cast on. The lace section was turning out to be huuuge (schoolboy error alert - always swatch for the lace pattern as well as the stocking stitch!), so it's off to the wool shop I go for some smaller needles. (These'll be 2.5mm. I sincerely hope that in my entire knitting career I never have call for anything smaller than that.) It's still fairing better than the Secret Project though, which has been entirely abandoned. From a knitterly perspective, anyway - it's been appropriated by the sewing side of my personality. (Trust me, this isn't a side of my personality you want to get to know.)

Um, so that's it, really! Unimpressive, I know, but just think how blank this page would be if I only ever posted when I had something worth writing about. Ohh, though speaking of things worth writing about, check out these shoes! I'd never heard of Birkis before, but I seem to have accidentally stolen one of their catalogues (well, they should have written 'Schutzgeb├╝hr' bigger! Besides, who charges 2,50 € for what is essentially an 80-page advert?). I'm particularly taken with these, not least because I can claim they have a tenuous link to knitting...


jorth said...

Bwahahahah! Wiping tears from my eyes re your gyno joke. Teeeehheeeee!

Laura @ Hungry and Frozen said...

"disturbingly gynaecological" - HA! Also I love that you use the word "knitterly." Must try and work both into my daily conversation... :)