Friday, 9 May 2008

Well, I did indeed finish the Surplice Bodice Camisole! (Actually, I still have to sew one of the side seams, but shhh.) And I have to say, 'twas the most boring thing I've ever knit in my life - annoyingly bitty, with approximately a gazillion picked up stitches, and pieces stopping and starting all over the place. I do like the look of it now that it's done, but I have a horrible feeling it's not going to sit right, because like a fool I forgot that I have a back the length of the Mississippi-Missouri and didn't make adjustments accordingly. Anyway, I'll have to wait a bit longer to see if the miracle that is blocking bails me out yet again, because my flat doesn't possess such high-tech gizmos as a washing machine, and so far I've been too lazy to venture forth and find a laundrette. (Also, is it just me or are laundrettes sort of scary? A bit like buses.) (People point and laugh when I attempt to use buses. Though in fairness they sometimes do this when I'm not using buses, too.)

Where was I? Ohhh yes - buoyed by that partial success I went straight out and ordered yarn for my next project! I'd found an ideal substitution for the Cotton Glace but none of the colours in my LYS were really doing it for me, so the lovely shop assistant took pity on me and pulled an enormous sample book out from behind the counter. This is going to make me sound like a knitting hillbilly, but oh my God, I had no idea there was so much choice out there! Seriously, every single yarn comes in just about every single colour! Dork that I am, I got my Colour Me Beautiful wallet out and started eagerly matching swatches up. Why did I not know that you could do this before?! Come to think of it maybe I should have noticed that it was a bit odd that all yarns online were available in a rainbow of shades whereas those stocked in shops came in about three...

Anyway! My order won't arrive till the end of next week, which is a bit lästig because I could really do with some more Summer tops asap. (Yes, I know I could buy a couple of t-shirts in H&M for about 5,- €, but where's the fun in that when you can knit your own for four times the cost and forty times the effort? Chuh, amateurs!) We seem to have skipped Spring and gone straight from eternal Winter to Summer, which has been most excellent for my mood but a bit unsettling for my wardrobe. (Actually, I think the sun might have really got to me, because I bought a white skirt today. On thinking it over, I am fairly sure that a white skirt is the most useless garment known to man, or at least to me. I might start a pool on how long it stays white for.)

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