Sunday, 1 June 2008

Baby, it's hot outside

So hot, in fact, that my Summer Interweave Knits melted yesterday. (Not the actual pages, obviously, but there's now a muddy-coloured swirl where the picture on the back cover used to be.) Believe it or not, though, I'm not going to use this as a feeble excuse for not having done any knitting - guckt mal!

This is the lace border for the Drawstring Chemise, which I finally cast on for again. I'm not crazy about the diamond mesh pattern, which is a bit geometric for my tastes, but it's certainly fun to knit. I'd never actually worked lace from a chart before, mainly because I have the spacial awareness of a lemming, but this might have won me over from written instructions.

Anyway! All's going well so far, but I still have no idea what I'm going to do once I get above the armholes. I suppose this isn't exactly pressing, given that I've knit precisely 7cm so far, but it's always nice to have a vague game plan. I can't leave it with spaghetti straps, as per the original pattern, because from behind I am regularly mistaken for a pro-wrestler (except, you know, without the arm muscles) and dainty I-cord wouldn't really be the best look. Instead I'm thinking of either leaving the straps off entirely (and relying on sheer willpower to keep the top up - that's bound to work, right?) or making the I-cord casing run all the way around, forming sort of off-shoulder straps. Or making little cap sleeves which, in a way I have yet to fathom, incorporate a casing which is continuous with that of the front and back. Genius! Or possibly overambitious and doomed to failure; I'm not all that good at spotting the difference...

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Anonymous said...

Genius, folly - it's a fine line. I'm interested to see what you come up with! I, too, can be mistaken for a linebacker and so immediately discounted this pattern. But maybe it can be done! I actually love the lace. And I love the color you've chosen.