Monday, 28 July 2008

Hell must have frozen over

Because I have a finished object to show you! Unfortunately I have yet to think up a way of taking an action shot of a hat without my head being involved, so you'll just have to do your best to overlook it:

As Mike so kindly pointed out, I haven't quite mastered the "well-adjusted, non-manic human being" look. Also, contrary to appearances, I am not naked in these photos

Apologies for the blurriness, but it was 33 degrees when I took these and my enthusiasm for messing-around-with-camera-settings-while-wearing-a-woolly-hat was beginning to wane. (OK, I could spend all the time in the world fiddling with the settings and I still wouldn't be able to take an in-focus picture, but at least this way I have a pleasing excuse.)

Anyway! The pattern is Robin's Egg Blue Hat, and if the yarn looks familiar it's because it's leftover Lana Grossa Royal Tweed from the Textured Tunic I knit last year. The hat took exactly one ball, so if for some reason I can't yet think of I wanted two more identical hats, then lo, they could be mine! I think I'll change the button at some point though; I'd rather have something with four holes and a rim. As for why I suddenly felt inspired to make a Winter hat in, erm, July, your guess is as good as mine. Maybe next week we'll have freak snow storms and I'll finish the Drawstring Chemise.


Anonymous said...

So cute!! I made a hat like this last week, also pondering the wisdom, with temps and humidities in the 90s (Farenheit). You'll be loving it in January!

Laura @ Hungry and Frozen said...

Love.The.Hat. The button is particularly cute, as are the pigtails :)