Sunday, 20 July 2008

O Summer, where art thou?

I've always had it in for the Gulf Stream. In geography at school we learnt that the current was responsible for our "delightfully" mild maritime climate, and from then on I constantly fantasised that it would one day, in a fit of meteorological pique (because, you know, currents are always having those), re-root itself and usher in scorchingly hot Summers and picture-perfect crisp, snowy Winters. Never mind that I already complained whenever the days dropped below 19°C and got goose bumps at room temperature. In my imaginary Winters I'd somehow acquired the knack of getting fetchingly rosy cheeks without a red nose, my hair behaved itself beautifully in uncannily Heidi-like plaits, and the whole thing was topped off by charming knitted hats which miraculously didn't make me look like a juvenile delinquent.

When I announced my intention of going to university in Edinburgh it was met with general bafflement. "But it'll be...cold," my usually eloquent parents pointed out. They gently suggested that I consider somewhere a little further South, like, say, Spain. But I stood firm, for reasons much too embarrassing to confess to the internet, and my bemused parents duly drove me up, stocked my cupboard with Marmite and Heinz tomato soup, and drove off again. Two hours after they'd left I'd drunk all the soup and was wondering whether wearing a sleeping bag with head- and armholes cut into it would make me too conspicuous in lectures.

Anyway, you've probably got the idea: I don't really do cold. Which is why the current weather is particularly grump-inducing. After a gorgeous May and June, Summer seems to have decided it's done its bit for the year, and July's been a damp squib. Practically British, in fact, except (what with being in Berlin and all) I can't implicate the Gulf Stream in this one. (But it's not over yet, Gulf Stream! Victory will one day be miiine! Ahem.)

All of which is just an extreeemely long-winded way of saying that - you guessed it! - I've made pretty much no progress on the Drawstring Chemise. We're talking not-discernible-to-the-naked-eye progress. In fact, it might even have got shorter since I last posted. But when the forecast gloomily prophesises 18° cloudiness with the odd shower or two thrown in for good measure, finishing up a skimpy Summer top doesn't exactly seem pressing.

I wonder what the German view on sleeping bags as outerwear is?


Anonymous said...

You went to U. of Edinburgh? I've been fantasizing about visiting there lately. Possibly b/c my partner is going there for a conference next month, without me (sigh). Was it as awesome as it sounds?

Boffcat said...

It's an absolutely fantastic city (both visually and as a place to live), but, well, cold! And windy. And, shallow thing that I am, for me the weather really does overshadow the overall experience. I've told my boyfriend I'll be happy to stay there but only on the condition that we spend at least three months of each year somewhere you can actually leave the house without a coat.

Hope he has fun! And maybe brings you back some local yarn...

twigletqueen said...

I almost went to Edinburgh. I'm still not sure why I chose Bournemouth instead. There are no guys with cute Scottish accents here and it's not even that much warmer to make up for it.