Monday, 8 December 2008

She lives!


You'd be forgiven for thinking that this blog had died a typically anonymous Blogland death, but although it's taken a few blows we're talking flesh wounds rather than mortal injuries. Firstly my promised site-revamp, courtesy of Mike, didn't quiiite get off the ground in time for my birthday as planned (my birthday being in, ahem, early August), and secondly - and more of a direct impediment to blogging - I lost my camera. If, that is, "lost" encompasses "idiotically left on the back seat of a Hong Kong taxi". I've filed police reports and filled out insurance claims and the like, but a little pointlessly, really, considering that my particular camera is no longer produced and can therefore only be replaced pending the invention of time travel.

So in homage to my much-missed camera, and as a handy bit of filler until such time as I knit something photogenic enough to bother taking pictures with someone else's, I present a sample photo from its lifetime (well, two years; is that a lifetime in camera terms?) of faithful service. If memory serves it depicts an advert for some sort of pharmaceutical product (which is why I took a picture of it, obviously - I'm all about pharmaceutical advertising campaigns), and if you look carefully - or just zoom in a lot - you can see not only me, but also the departed camera itself. Nifty, no?

Anyway, till next time (which will be this side of the freezing over of Hell, cross my heart), and in the meantime Happy Advent!