Monday, 2 February 2009

Ready, Steady, Cook!

Well, the Lighten Up challenge is officially underway! Lunch yesterday was the inaugural meal, and my friend Alana came round and gamely submitted herself to culinary pot luck. Which turned out to be:

1. Singapore Chilli Prawns

This recipe's from the 'Spicy Food' chapter, and apparently uses the same sauce as the 'famous' Singaporean chilli crab, which neither of us had ever heard of. What can I say, Singaporean food isn't one of Scotland's major cuisines. Anyway, you just stir fry some ginger, chilli and garlic, add the prawns, and finally throw in some ketchup, sweet chilli sauce, a little bit of chicken stock, caster sugar and a spoonful of cornflour to thicken everything up. The whole thing takes about five minutes, though admittedly that doesn't include chopping up the chilli and ginger before you start, which would probably take a normal person about 30 seconds, but always seems to take me the better part of a lunar cycle. But I digress - behold the finished product!
It's a bit hard to get a sense of scale from the picture, but the prawns were huuuuge - certainly the biggest I've ever cooked, and possibly the biggest I've ever eaten. Come to think of it, it might have been the first time I'd cooked shell-on prawns at all - supposedly leaving the shells on helps to keep them moist and flavoursome, both of which they indeed were. As for the sauce, it was tasty though not particularly spicy, but then again we've both got pretty high spice tolerances; maybe (despite the chapter title) the recipe's aimed at less hardened palates. I cooked some rice to go alongside, and at the last minute realised that I'd sort of forgotten to make any kind of vegetable component, so stir-fried some spinach with garlic and sesame oil, too. (See, I am a responsible adult - I eat spinach! Which, it is well documented, entirely cancels out any penchant for champagne truffles one might have.)

Erm, anyway, I don't know what else I can say, really! It was scrumptious, quick and easy, and I'd certainly make it again, though possibly not all that often as the prawns cost a horrifying, cardiac-arrest-to-wallet-inducing amount. The next Lighten Up meal is not only worthily frugal but is in the oven even as I type, so stay tuned for how that one turns out!

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Jorth said...

Ach! Me'girl, do you not know of the horrifying environmental damage that intensive prawn farming does? 'Tis evil! 'Tis ghastly! 'Tis stupifying!

That said, I'm really rather quite enjoying all this. Carry on, dear chaps, please do.

PS: Yes, yes, shall update, but what with half of our state burning to smitherines, I've been a tad busy, 'kay???