Saturday, 7 March 2009

'Lo again! This is a whirlwind update on today and last night to bring things up to date:

21. Fish Saltimbocca (Easy Food)

The literal translation of saltimbocca is, according to good old Wikipedia*, "jumps in the mouth", but to you and me it means "wrapped in prosciutto". And there you have the recipe, really - halve white fish fillets (I used cod), wrap each half in prosciutto, top with a sage leaf and fry. I assumed the sage would fall off during the cooking, but actually it fused to the prosciutto in a gratifyingly artistic way. Once the fish is cooked and the prosciutto's crispy you're meant to arrange them on a bed of boiled peas and asparagus, though I actually chose to roast the asparagus and, as there was quite a lot of it, forgo the peas altogether.

Ahh, if only it weren't for that errant flake of fish!

This was a really satisfying meal - the crisp saltiness of the prosciutto was a perfect contrast to the mild and tender fish, and the asparagus rounded everything off nicely. Better yet, the whole thing took less than fifteen minutes from start to finish, and it would be quicker still if you boiled the asparagus as per instructions rather than roasting it. Even without any carbs I was actually pretty full after this, too.

Mike says: "Flaky fishy loveliness, and the ham makes it."


22. Winter Greens with Chicken and Beans (Slow Food)

Doesn't that rhyme nicely? Despite this recipe's inclusion in the 'Slow Food' chapter it's really not that time consuming to put together - you just brown some chicken pieces, soften some onion and garlic, then add borlotti beans, stock, thyme and seasoning and let the whole thing simmer away for half an hour while you doodle moustaches on your kneecaps, or whatever takes your fancy. When time's up you stir in some green leafy vegetables - I went for kale, but plenty of other things would work, too - heat through and plate up.

I have to confess that I was expecting this to be worthy rather than particularly tasty, but I was pleasantly surprised - the chicken was juicy, the beans were tender and flavoursome, and everything had absorbed the hearty savouryness of the stock and thyme. As a bonus it's impossible to eat that much kale without feeling a glow of virtue.

Mike says: "One of my favourites - the seaweed-y stuff soaked up the sauce nicely and the chicken was lovely and moist, hand-chopped by me. And I've heard beans are good for you also. But not jelly beans, apart from the green ones."

* Wikipedia has risen in my estimation since I stumbled across its article on the oboe earlier in the week which stated that the instrument, "has a clear and penetrating voice which if listened to very closely will sound like a rabid sloth". (It's been changed now, but I wonder how many schoolchildren copied it down dutifully while it was up?)

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Laura @ Hungry and Frozen said...

The fish looks delicious, and so pretty too! And hoorah for roast asparagus, the best way to eat it in my opinion.

I'm pathetically hooked on wikipedia-ing stuff, and I love it when gems like that pop up...