Thursday, 9 April 2009

Curry in a hurry

Yesterday's lunch was meant to be a miso soup, but, in a development which surprised no-one, I didn't get round to picking up any miso in time, so hurridly cast around for an alternative and came up with:

38. Spicy Okra Curry (Spicy Food)

I'd probably cooked okra a grand total of once before yesterday - when I asked Mike to get some in Sainsbury's he came back proudly bearing pak choi, which says it all, really. It's not that I have anything against it, it's just not a vegetable I'd ever really think of cooking in the normal course of things. Still, cutting loose from the 'normal course of things' is largely what the project's about, and as curries go this one was pretty quick to put together: the okra's just simmered for twenty minutes in a tomato-based sauce spiced with fennel seed, ground coriander, cumin chilli and turmeric. Although I halved the amount of okra I left the sauce ingredients in their original quantities for the usual 'arrgg-no-half-onions-please' reasons, and the finished dish wasn't saucy at all - if anything it was quite a dry curry - so I wouldn't have any qualms about doing the same again.

Mike's off the hook for this photo, so I'm going to attempt to blame the steam instead! Though it wasn't really the most photogenic of meals to start with. And not the tastiest either, to be honest - I didn't much care for the aniseed-y flavour which the fennel imparted, and though the dish overall was fine it didn't have anything special going for it.

Incidentally, just in case the recent dearth of Mike's contributions has caused anyone to fear for his well-being, rest assured that I only keep him in the cupboard under the sink between meals, and he's managed to chink away at the door a bit to let some natural daylight in.

Mike, following his spectacular cupboard break-out, says: "Okra is weird, I am not sure if I have had it before this, but it is weird, kind of like eating furry slugs, but in a good way. The fennel is what you could taste mainly in this one. So if you like the taste of fennel then you will probably like this."

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Laura @ Hungry and Frozen said...

I've never tried okra before and I can't say that Jill's description of them makes me wild to try...and I can completely sympathise with (a) the unphotogenic curry/stew, they just will not look pretty, and (b) steam ruining a photo. Lol @ Mike under the sink (started to think of a witty comeback but that's all I ended up with)