Friday, 10 April 2009

In the miso soup

Miso soup is one of those things I wish I liked more - some versions hit the spot but others leave me a bit cold. I probably shouldn't be confessing this, but the nicest I've ever had was actually from one of those instant powdered sachets; sadly I have no idea what the brand was so that particular culinary transgression can't be repeated. Anyway, come yesterday the Lighten Up take on miso soup had already been on the cards for a couple of days and the spinach was starting to look rather sorry for itself, so I cruelly insisted on inflicting it on Mike for dinner even though we were both a bit salted-out following a cinema popcorn-fest.

39. Simple Tofu Soup (Tofu x 4)

The recipe's nothing revolutionary - you stir some red miso into a base of dashi, mirin and soy, then add cubed silken tofu and ready-cooked udon noodles and warm through. Finally you throw in a handful of baby spinach leaves, and sprinkle over a smattering of sesame seeds. I played fast and loose with the quantities of added ingredients (by which I mean I increased the amount of noodles and tofu by at least threefold, but then again we were eating this as a meal in its entirety rather than as an accompaniment to sushi, which is what Jill intends it to be). The whole thing takes about five minutes, which is always a plus.

Oishii! As miso soups go, this one was pretty darn good. I'm more or less guaranteed to like anything containing udon noodles - I love their fat unctuousness - but it wasn't just that; the base itself had a much more delicate flavour than those I've made in the past, which I guess is mostly the work of the miso (I used the Hikari brand, which is a reassuringly natural-looking beige colour - the stuff I used last time round was lurid red, so I don't know what I was expecting, really...).

Mike says: "Ah tofu again, my little cubed jellyish veggie friend. I am now quite a fan because of this book, this was a good miso soup, and udon noodles make eating like a game, so thumbs up for this one."

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Laura @ Hungry and Frozen said...

I really like the powdered stuff too. I could almost eat the powder on its own (almost). I've really got into miso over the last couple of years, it's good for when you're not that hungry (which happens sometimes) but feel like you should eat...also the fact that it's so damn good for you makes it taste better. Oh and I love udon noodles too :)